Tired of Lost Fly Masks?

My horse is a pink-skinned and blue eyed

Which means he burns in the sun and has pre-dispostion to eye troubles if not properly protected from the UV rays.

He needs horsey sunglasses!

So he lives in his fly mask...Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.  As long as the sun is out, he's got his fly mask on.

Also, in the spring and summer, he has to have the long-nosed mask to keep his sensitive nostrils and lips from burning. 

I've tried many different types of Fly Masks

Including some specialty ones that give him the most UV protection.  Unfortunately, these are expensive and also require special orders, so getting a replacement is not easy.

So I decided to put in a GPS Tracker

These little devices can easily attach to the fly mask and link with an app on my phone. 

Then, the next time a mask disappears in the field, I can use my phone to track it down!

The one I used also has an audible alert to help me locate it.  

Click on Below Image to link to the TrackR Device I used.

This may not be a feasible solution for everyone because you have to weigh the cost of the tracker against the cost of the mask.  But for me, for the reasons I mentioned above, it was worth the purchase.

Check out my video below which shows how it all works.

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