One Rein Stop

This is your Emergency Brake!

Weather you're trail riding or riding in the ring, you need to know how to stop your horse in an emergency situation.

What if my horse bolts?

A run-away horse was one of my biggest fears for a long time.  But once I learned the One Rein Stop, I find I don't worry over this as much any more.

If this is brand new to your and your horse...

You may want to first try the method used in the following video to train the One Rein Stop from the ground.

If you're more comfortable with the concept...follow the methods described in the following video.

You should practice at the walk first, then move up to your intermediate gait and then the faster gait and/or canter.  I recommend practicing this every chance you get so that when the emergency situation happens, it will be 2nd nature to pull out this stop.


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Video #2:  STAR Horsemanship with TINA MARIE,, Retrieved Nov 13, 2017.


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