How Horses Use Their Back For Correct Gaiting

Wow!  I really Like this Video!

I’ve highlighted in a few recent posts regarding head carriage and best ways to fix a pacey horse.

Here, gaited clinician, Gary Lane, does an excellent visualization of how the horses back should be correctly used in order to get your horse to gait properly.

 Resting Topline

 Topline with Raised Head

 Proper Topline – Lifting the Back

According to Gary’s Post:

Its important we try to understand how horses use the back for correct gaiting! If you just let your horse go along with a hollow back. You can develop a stepping pace or hollow rack that can and will cause long term problems with horses! Remember a horse’s heart and soul is in his mouth and the gait is in the top line!

Take a look at this quick video


You may also enjoy Gary’s Book
“Training The Gaited Horse: From The Trail to the Rail”

Reference:  Gary Lane – Windsweptstables Facebook Page,, Retrieved Nov 8, 2017.



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