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Slowing Your Horse At The Canter

Common Gaited Horse Myth… Gaited Horses Can’t Canter Wrong! Gaited horses can and should canter.  Now don’t get me wrong…I know that not ALL of our gaited horses can canter or canter well.  I myself rode a Tennessee Walking Horse who, despite hours of trying and training, just could not canter.  His feet would cross-fired and it was a hot […]

Using The Outside Rein for Collection

If you’ve done any dressage training, you will hear your instructor over and over instruct you to ride “Inside Leg to Outside Rein” But what does this really mean and how do you use this for your gaited horse? Simply put…The Outside Rein is the rein on the outside of your horse. If you’re riding in a ring, this is […]

God Created the Horse

Quite a Moving Poem  We are so fortunate to be able to share our lives with these amazing creatures.    Reference:  TheHorsesDiary, So God Created The Horse,, Retrieved Nov 17, 2017.    

One Rein Stop

This is your Emergency Brake! Weather you’re trail riding or riding in the ring, you need to know how to stop your horse in an emergency situation. What if my horse bolts? A run-away horse was one of my biggest fears for a long time.  But once I learned the One Rein Stop, I find I don’t worry over this […]

Charles Wilhelm – Gaited horses with Larry Whitesell

Weather you have a Tennessee Walking Horse, Rocky Mountain, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino, or any other gaited breed, the advice you’ll get from Larry Whitesell in this video should change your mind on how you should be training your gaited horse. What you’ll Learn In This Video There is common misconception in the Gaited Horse World… You must ride […]

How Horses Use Their Back For Correct Gaiting

Wow!  I really Like this Video! I’ve highlighted in a few recent posts regarding head carriage and best ways to fix a pacey horse. Here, gaited clinician, Gary Lane, does an excellent visualization of how the horses back should be correctly used in order to get your horse to gait properly.  Resting Topline  Topline with Raised Head  Proper Topline – […]

Exercises to Help With The Pace

Gaited Horse Trainer, Larry Whitesell… Demonstrates a great exercise you can do with your horse to help get rid of the pace and learn to gait properly. As with any training It takes time for the horse to develop the proper muscles to perform the movement you’re asking him or her to complete.  So you will need to work on […]

Best Thing You Can Do to Get Your Horse to Gait!

This is probably one of the most asked about Topics So many people ask about their Tennessee Walking Horse Gaits, the Icelandic Horse Gaits, or Missouri Foxtrotter Gaits.  How can I get my horse to gait properly? One of the biggest inhibitors to proper gait is an inverted frame, and high head This also goes hand in hand with relaxation […]

Calming Down a Hot Horse

In a previous post, I talked about Fear and Anxiety around your horse.  For many, nothing invokes fear faster than a hot horse.   Gary Lane I’ve had the opportunity to work with gaited horse clinician, Gary Lane, on several occasions.  He gives excellent advice on how to calm a hot horse and how to create a relaxed horse that […]