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The Dangers of Spring Time Grass

Are you aware of the dangers of Spring time grass? For those who live in climates where the seasons are well defined, spring time is a wonderful season where the flowers start blooming, the trees start getting their buds and growing leaves, and the grass and vegetation start to get vibrant and green. While the color ushers in the end […]

Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Skin Cancer in Horses

Most people who have been around horses long enough have probably heard that White horses are very susceptible to cancer. I recently found myself in the disheartening position of learning that my horse, Rio, had squamous cell carcinoma on his eyelid. At first, I viewed the small bumps on his eyelid as harmless. However, I took pictures so that I […]

She’s a DANGEROUS Horse! or is she?

Aggressive Horse Behavior You hear so many stories about dangerous horses. Horses that were completely “normal” at one time. Nice, ride-able horses…but at some point they changed. They became resistant, reactive or dangerous under saddle, mean on the ground, and no one can figure out what caused the change. As a result, many of these once loved and well cared for […]

Floating Horses Teeth – Why is it Important

The following was posted by GAIT, Inc. regarding one of their rescued Tennessee Walking Horse. Christa received a much needed dental float on Saturday. Thank you to Sean McCarthy of McCarthy Equine Dental for coming out on Christmas eve. The transformation for this mare was immediate and nothing short of a miracle for her. We have been struggling to get […]

Duct Tape Hoof Bandage

Hoof problems are no fun and trying to keep medication on the bottom of your horse’s hoof can be next to impossible.  The following video from Horse Side Vet Guide explains how to build a duct tape bandage to solve this problem. Reference:, Retrieved 10/15/2017

FACT…Most Horses Don’t Need Grain

Many of our Gaited Breeds are very susceptible to Cushing’s Disease and Insulin Resistance Cushing’s and IR are common in many of the gaited breeds, since most have parallel development, also common in Morgans (another breed that has similar foundation stock as the Walking Horse) and other breeds with a reputation for being “easy keepers”. The following information was published […]