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Everything You Need to Know About Blanketing Your Horse

I’ve written about blankets previously on my post… “To Blanket or Not to Blanket”   I recently came across this information and think this is probably the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen regarding blanketing your horse. Measure Your Horse Measure the distance from the center of the horse’s chest (Point A) to the point of the buttocks (Point B).  Include the […]

Lateral Exercises for Your Gaited Horse

You hear the term LATERAL WORK a lot in Dressage.  However, Lateral Exercises are not only for the Dressage Horse!  Lateral exercises can improve the natural gait in any horse, no matter what the breed or discipline. What exactly are lateral exercises? Lateral exercises are movements done to strengthen a horse so he can be ridden in balance and suppleness.  […]

Why Dressage – With Your Gaited Horse

I have seen tremendous improvements with my horse since I started dressage training with him.  Not only in his gait, but also in his responsiveness to me…which in turn has helped my confidence levels.   I am no longer a passenger, but a rider! And my horse respects that and responds positively.   The following article was posted on   Dressage […]

God Created the Horse

Quite a Moving Poem  We are so fortunate to be able to share our lives with these amazing creatures.    Reference:  TheHorsesDiary, So God Created The Horse,, Retrieved Nov 17, 2017.    

Headset And How It Affects Your Horse’s Gait

I’d like to share the following Post which was created on the Second Nature Gaited Horses Facebook page. The following content is property of that page and is shared here for informational purposes only.   Let’s talk about headset!! And how it affects the use of your gaited horses body and what to look for in your gaited horses headset! […]

Fear, Anxiety and Your Horse

You’re Not The Only One.  Fear and Anxiety around horses is a very common thing, especially in adult-aged riders.  Most people have experienced some form of anxiety or fear either around or while riding their horse.  For some, the fear is situational, while for others the fear and anxiety are always there.  But, never let anyone tell you your fear […]

Gaited Dressage

Yes, Gaited Horses Can Do Dressage Google defines the definition of Dressage as follows: “The art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.” While many people view dressage as a form of showing, dressage is actually a training method.  Teaching the horse to bend, while being balanced and flexible is a very […]

A mother’s love is a precious thing.

By: Denise Parsons Knowing both lives were almost lost to slaughter makes that love priceless. Bette was rescued by GAIT, Inc. after she actually shipped to slaughter in Mexico. Fate stepped in and while at the Mexico border, an unreported accident occurred causing the entire load of 11 horses to be rejected and returned to Pennsylvania. All were battered, some […]

To Blanket or not to Blanket…That is the Question

Like it or not, blanket season is coming.It may already be here for some of our neighbors to the North and West.  Whether or not to blanket a horse has been debated by many and everyone has their own opinions.  Here are some general rules you should go by to determine if blankets are needed for your horse(s):Is your horse […]