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Trail Safety

Spring is fast approaching, and as the weather turns warm and sunny, the itch to trail ride will hit many of us. As horses and riders hit the trails this spring, trail safety should be in the forefront of everyone’s minds. General Trail Safety – Gear Of course you want to make sure that you have everything you need before […]


What is Gymkhana for Horses? Gymkhana is an equestrian event that consists of different games on horseback. The events may consist of speed pattern racing and timed games for horse and rider. In the Western United States, Gymkhana may also be referred to as “O-Mok-See”. Many of these events are geared toward beginners and fun. What Types of Events are […]

Garrocha With Your Gaited Horse

What the heck is Garrocha? The Garrocha pole originated in Spain and was used by the Vaquero (cowboys) for moving cattle. The pole itself is around 12 to 13 feet in length. It replaced the traditional method of roping cattle and became a useful tool for fighting wild bulls. The length of the pole gave protection and time for the […]

As Some Doors Close, More Will Open

The Horse Industry is Struggling! The last few years have been hard on the horse industry and the Gaited horse industry is no exception. While some disciplines, show circuits and clubs are still thriving, many are struggling to stay afloat. Economy, lack of interest, lack of new blood, and many other factors have taken its toll. In just the last […]

Exploring Gettysburg on Horseback

The Battle of Gettysburg The town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania was home to one of the most infamous battles during the civil war. The Battle of Gettysburg was fought from July 1 to July 3rd, 1863. During these 3 days, some 51,000 people lost their lives. To read more about the Battle of Gettysburg, visit the History Channel website. Today, Gettysburg […]

Slowing Your Horse At The Canter

Common Gaited Horse Myth… Gaited Horses Can’t Canter Wrong! Gaited horses can and should canter.  Now don’t get me wrong…I know that not ALL of our gaited horses can canter or canter well.  I myself rode a Tennessee Walking Horse who, despite hours of trying and training, just could not canter.  His feet would cross-fired and it was a hot […]

Horse Care In Winter

Whether your horse is an easy keeper or not, Winter is definitely a time to where he or she will need a little more TLC in order to stay healthy and happy. Water Water is just as important in Winter as in Summer and a proper water supply in winter will help to prevent health problems such as weight loss […]

Using The Outside Rein for Collection

If you’ve done any dressage training, you will hear your instructor over and over instruct you to ride “Inside Leg to Outside Rein” But what does this really mean and how do you use this for your gaited horse? Simply put…The Outside Rein is the rein on the outside of your horse. If you’re riding in a ring, this is […]

Tired of Lost Fly Masks?

My horse is a pink-skinned and blue eyed Which means he burns in the sun and has pre-dispostion to eye troubles if not properly protected from the UV rays. He needs horsey sunglasses! So he lives in his fly mask…Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.  As long as the sun is out, he’s got his fly mask on. Also, in the […]