To Blanket or not to Blanket…That is the Question

Like it or not, blanket season is coming.

It may already be here for some of our neighbors to the North and West.  Whether or not to blanket a horse has been debated by many and everyone has their own opinions.  Here are some general rules you should go by to determine if blankets are needed for your horse(s):

  • Is your horse in good health?  A Horse that are unhealthy or under weight cannot regulate their body temperature as well as a healthy horse.
  • Have you clipped your horse?  Clipped horses do not have the necessary winter coat to stay warm, so blankets are a necessity
  • Does your horse have constant access to hay?  Eating helps a horse to maintain body heat.  24/7 access to hay is crucial, especially when temperatures drop.
  • Do you have a Senior horse?  Senior horses have a more difficult time staying warm.

I encourage you to do your own research and use your best judgement when it comes deciding whether or not to blanketing your horse.  If you do decide to blanket, please be sure that it fits your horse properly.  There are guides on how to measure on most blanket sales sites.  Also, make sure to have the proper weight and waterproofing based on your horse's living conditions.  Blankets to not have to be super expensive either.  I've purchased several off-brand blankets from Amazon and have been very happy with them.  I recommend you read the user reviews to make the best purchasing decision.

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