A mother’s love is a precious thing.

By: Denise Parsons

Knowing both lives were almost lost to slaughter makes that love priceless.

Bette was rescued by GAIT, Inc. after she actually shipped to slaughter in Mexico. Fate stepped in and while at the Mexico border, an unreported accident occurred causing the entire load of 11 horses to be rejected and returned to Pennsylvania. All were battered, some badly injured, some did not survive because of the injuries suffered in whatever accident occurred to cause the load to be returned. But Bette and the other survivors were lucky and all found homes with rescues. GAIT, Inc. did not know for several months into her rehab that she was actually pregnant. She had been bred, sold and destined for slaughter…

Now known as Beretta, she has been in the care of Elizabeth Farina of Clarity Riding in Davidsonville, MD, one of the Gait, Inc. training partners, since last winter. She and her new baby Saffie will remain there until Saffie is ready to be weaned. At that time, Beretta will go back into training and both will be available for adoption.

If you’d like to find out more about Beretta and Saffie or any of the other horses rescued by GAIT, Inc. visit http://www.gaitRRR.org

Original Author: Denise Parsons

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