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Gaited Dressage

Yes, Gaited Horses Can Do Dressage Google defines the definition of Dressage as follows: “The art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.” While many people view dressage as a form of showing, dressage is actually a training method.  Teaching the horse to bend, while being balanced and flexible is a very […]

Welcome to my Blog

This site has been developed to promote Gaited horses and their many abilities. To promote the mainstream and versatile uses of Gaited horses such as Showing, Trail, Distance Riding, Jumping, Dressage, etc… To provide a central location where Gaited horse owners can come to get information or advice on training, general horsemanship, and horse care. My Story A little History […]

FACT…Most Horses Don’t Need Grain

Many of our Gaited Breeds are very susceptible to Cushing’s Disease and Insulin Resistance Cushing’s and IR are common in many of the gaited breeds, since most have parallel development, also common in Morgans (another breed that has similar foundation stock as the Walking Horse) and other breeds with a reputation for being “easy keepers”. The following information was published […]

A mother’s love is a precious thing.

By: Denise Parsons Knowing both lives were almost lost to slaughter makes that love priceless. Bette was rescued by GAIT, Inc. after she actually shipped to slaughter in Mexico. Fate stepped in and while at the Mexico border, an unreported accident occurred causing the entire load of 11 horses to be rejected and returned to Pennsylvania. All were battered, some […]