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Is Your Horse Heavy on the Forehand?

What Does Heavy On the Forehand Mean?  According to Wikipedia “A horse’s “motor” is located in his hindquarters, and a horse that is heavy on the forehand (weight primarily on the forehand) is not able to properly move forward with impulsion. For good impulsion, a horse must either be balanced or have most of its weight tilted back toward its hindquarters.” Many […]

Post An Upcoming Event has an Events calendar. If you would like to have your upcoming clinic, show, or event posted, please email the details to Be sure to include the following information: Name and Type of Event Location (Address, City, State) Dates/Times Organizer Name, Phone, Website, Email Address Costs (if you want to advertise) As much detail about the event as you can […]

Best Thing You Can Do to Get Your Horse to Gait!

This is probably one of the most asked about Topics So many people ask about their Tennessee Walking Horse Gaits, the Icelandic Horse Gaits, or Missouri Foxtrotter Gaits.  How can I get my horse to gait properly? One of the biggest inhibitors to proper gait is an inverted frame, and high head This also goes hand in hand with relaxation […]

Calming Down a Hot Horse

In a previous post, I talked about Fear and Anxiety around your horse.  For many, nothing invokes fear faster than a hot horse.   Gary Lane I’ve had the opportunity to work with gaited horse clinician, Gary Lane, on several occasions.  He gives excellent advice on how to calm a hot horse and how to create a relaxed horse that […]

Fear, Anxiety and Your Horse

You’re Not The Only One.  Fear and Anxiety around horses is a very common thing, especially in adult-aged riders.  Most people have experienced some form of anxiety or fear either around or while riding their horse.  For some, the fear is situational, while for others the fear and anxiety are always there.  But, never let anyone tell you your fear […]

The Icelandic Horse

On a personal note… I just love these little horses.  I’ve never had the privileged of riding an Icelandic, but I have seen them perform at the Pennsylvania Horseworld Expo.  They are so amazing to watch!  You are instantly captured by their super-fast and smooth gaites.  Plus, how can you not love their fuzzy manes! A Little Bit About the […]

Frisky Babies

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What’s Different About Gaited Horses?

An Interview with Trainer, Larry Whitesell. There is a common misconception in the non-gaited horse community that gaited horses are forced into their respective gaits.  This is false.  Gaited horses are born to naturally move the way they do.  However, it’s not quite as simple as that.  You cannot simply hop on a gaited horse, or any horse for that […]